Live Brave...Then Write About It!!

"Carslaw's essays brim with insight and honesty, vibrancy and humor. Her work will resonate with anyone who wants to be inspired as they are entertained."

--Amanda Jaros-Champion, Editor in Chief, Literary Mama

In this fun and inspirational essay collection, Lainy Carslaw offers an honest look at what it means to be a writer, a coach, and a mother with 40 years of doubt, courage, and hope in her heart. Carslaw embraces her flaws, delves into her fears, and finds joy in everyday blessings. Her essays remind us that for all our shortcomings, the answers we seek are most often within us, if we dare to look.

An intimate unguardedness vaults across the often-joyful essays contained in Lainy Carslaw's Unexpected Light. As Carslaw writes, "...we need to celebrate our own victories, our own journeys—to be ready to press one open palm into the other, life lines connected in a silent prayer..." These essays celebrate self-discovery and invite their readers to travel with the author from gymnastics studios, to Costa Rica, through marriage, pregnancy, and motherhood, and do indeed call their reader to press palm to page, to delight in life’s bountiful connections.

--Laura Roberts, Weelunk Magazine

-- Mike Good, Autumn House Press

Live Brave...Then Write About It!!

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