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A Forthcoming Novel

Lainy Carslaw

Dear ninja families, have you ever read a good book about gymnastics? How about a good novel about the importance or impact of a good coach? I know I enjoyed The Art of Fielding, a good baseball book but other than that, good books about what sports can do for an athlete, in fact, sometimes saving their lives, are hard to find! That's why I am so excited to have an agent for my novel, Regrip! Regrip is being sent to publishers as we speak but I need your help to take it over the finish line!! A strong social media presence is crucial to becoming a published author. Please take a moment to follow me on Instagram and twitter @lainycarslaw. Building my platform will help attract publishers and help me achieve this life-long dream! Plus, you will have a front-row seat to seeing Regrip come to life. Please pass this along to other readers and sports enthusiasts! Thank you so much for your support!!